Logitech Pop Wireless Mouse

a fun and multi-color mouse
a fun and multi-color mouse

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The Logitech Pop Wireless Mouse is the companion device of the colorful and fun Logitech Pop Mechanical Keyboard. I got this mechanical keyboard and decided to purchase the companion mouse. I got the Daydream color and is match to my daughters Pop Mechanical Keyboard. Logitech also offers 5 color variants similar to the Pop Mechanical Keyboard color options.


Build looks solid and feels premium

✅ Available in five fun collections

✅ Good incline grip position

✅ Connects to 3 devices at a time

✅ Amazing battery life


⛔ Logi Bolt dongle is a separate purchase

Whats in the box and Build quality

The design of the Logitech Pop Mouse is a bit similar to the Logitech Pebble Mouse. The Pop mouse though has a raise body which makes it more comfortable to use compared to the flat design of the Pebble Mouse. The mouse features an ambidextrous design, making it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. The matte finish on the top surface provides a premium feel and ensures a firm grip. The mouse's buttons are well-placed and offer a satisfying click, contributing to a smooth and precise navigation experience. Overall, the build quality reflects Logitech's commitment to ergonomic design and also the environment as the plastics used account for 29% recycled material.

The contents of the box is pretty sparse, just the Pop mouse, 1xAA battery, documentation. While this mouse supports Logitech latest wireless technology - Logi Bolt, it does not include the dongle. You can opt to connect via Bluetooth instead which should be fine. If you got the Logitech Pop Mechanical Wireless Keyboard this has the Logi Bolt dongle included which can connect multiple Logi Bolt compatible devices.

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Just like the Logitech Pebble Mouse, the battery for the Pops Mouse is replaceable. The included battery is a Duracell 1.5V LR6 w/ an included label (Not for Retail Sale). As per Logitech's website the included battery should last for 24 months.


  • Weight with batteries: 82 g

  • Size: 104.8mm x 59.4mm x 35.2mm

  • Sensor Technology: Logitech High Precision Optical Tracking

  • DPI Range: 1000-4000

  • Number of Buttons: 4

  • Connection Type: Bluetooth 5.1

  • Wireless Range: 10 meters

  • Battery: 1 x AA

  • Battery Life: 24 months

  • Compatibility: Windows 10 - 11, macOS 10.15 or later, iPadOS13.4 or later, IOS 11 or later, Android 8 or later, ChromeOS. Works with Microsoft Surface.

  • Customization app: Supported by Logi Options+ on Windows and macOS.

Connectivity and Options+

Connectivity wise, Logitech Pop Mouse can connect thru Bluetooth or using the Logi Bolt wireless USB dongle. Using the Logi Bolt dongle provides an extra layer of security as it provides encryption. If you want to further customize your mouse settings Logitech Options+ works on windows, macOS and Android.

For more details on the Logi Options+, you can check my review of the Logitech Pop Mechanical Keyboard.

Setting-up the Logitech Pop Wireless Mouse in Logi Options+

Aside from the One-touch Emoji special feature of the Pop Mouse, another useful feature is the Easy-Switch. This allows seamless connection to 3 devices. You can program the mouse to connect to your windows desktop, iPad, and mac. For me this is a very nice feature and free's up space on any setup.

Value and Conclusion

Like its colorful keyboard sibling the Logitech Pop Mechanical Keyboard, one of the good reasons why you want to purchase the Pop mouse is to color match your home PC setup. Aesthetics has been a trend for PC setup nowadays. Having a powerful desktop or laptop is great but having matching color/theme match peripherals makes for a nice computer home and work setup. Got the Logitech Pop Mouse at ₱1,250($22) at my local gadget store. Gave the mouse to my daughter to complete her setup. I can tell she was quite satisfied with the Logitech Pop Mouse and Keyboard.

The Pop Mouse should be fine for use on work related task and its multitasking feature is a nice addition if you're connecting to multiple computers. Whether you're a professional seeking a dependable work mouse or a casual user looking for a comfortable navigation tool, the Logitech Pop Wireless Mouse is certainly worth considering.