Logitech Pop Keys Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

a keyboard keyboard with a keyboard and a mouse
a keyboard keyboard with a keyboard and a mouse


Build looks solid and feels premium

✅ Available in five fun collections

✅ Good incline typing position

✅ Connects to 3 devices at a time

✅ Inclusion of extra emoji key caps


⛔ Round key shape takes some time to get use to

There are a bunch of mechanical keyboards in the market today with different features and design. One that caught my attention is the Logitech Pop Keys lively and colorful design. At first glance the design seems marketed to teens but while using the keyboard I really find it fun to use with the built-in emoji keys😉. BTW I bought the Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Keyboard for my daughter's computer setup. What is nice with the keyboard is that the keycaps can be easily removed and replaced. You can actually mix and match colors if you happen to collect more of the Pop Keys Keyboard. I got the "Day Dream" color for my daughter but if this was for me, I would definitely go for the "Blast" with it's yellow, black and gray keys which seems to echo a sporty vibe.

a variety of colorful colored keyboards and keyboards
a variety of colorful colored keyboards and keyboards

Variations of POP Keys includes: Blast, Day Dream, Heartbreaker, Mist and Cosmos. Image courtesy of Logitech.

Whats in the box and Build quality

The box of the Logitech POP Keys looks cool. Inside the box are the POP Keys Keyboard, extra emoji key caps, Logitech Bolt USB dongle, a small pouch for storing key caps and user docs. During my unboxing I was impressed to Logitech's attention to detail on the packaging. I was more impressed on the keyboard itself. The Logitech POP Keys is a bit heavy which is a good thing as it adds to the premium feel. Checking the bottom you can see there are 5 rubber feet that should secure the POP Keys on any surface. There's a pull tag on the battery compartment. Prying the lid would reveal the included 3xAAA battery. BTW this is not your typical battery, as it should last for a maximum of 3 years as claimed by Logitech. The included battery has top marking of GP Alkaline. To be honest I'm not familiar with this battery brand but If Logitech is using it then it must be good.

a keyboard keyboard with a yellow and white keyboard
a keyboard keyboard with a yellow and white keyboard
a purple nintendo wii game console case
a purple nintendo wii game console case

On the upper left corner of the keyboard, the escape key is differentiated as a shiny purple key caps. Beside the ESC key are the three special keys (Easy-Switch) use for switching between connected devices. The POP Keys just like Logitech higher end keyboards such as MX Keys has multiple device connectivity features. It can connect to Windows, macOS, IpadOS and Android. The Logitech POP Keys does not have backlit, but there are LED light/indicators for the Caps Lock, Easy Switch Keys and Battery indicator. Adding backlight may not be ideal for round shape key caps as this could result in backlit bleeding.

The Logitech POP Keys Keyboard only comes with mechanical brown switches. Tried to test my typing speed and initially got poor results around 28 wpm then 36 wpm and finally 43 wpm. I'm not a speed typist but getting 43 wpm on this keyboard after several attempts just means that it's only normal to take some time and get familiar on every gadget be it a keyboard, mouse or even a headset. The round shape of the key caps does not bother me or cause any typing inconvenience. I guess being someone who use to own and used a mechanical typewriter could be the reason why I'm drawn towards the POP Keyboard.

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Three Easy Switch keys beside the ESC key. At the bottom there are five rubber feet.


  • Weight with batteries: 779 g

  • Size: 138.47mm x 321.2mm x 35.4 mm

  • Connection Type: Bluetooth 5.1

  • Wireless Range: 10 meters

  • Battery: 2 x AAA

  • Battery Life: 36 months

  • Indicator Lights(LED): Battery, Bluetooth, Caps lock

  • Compatibility: Windows 10 - 11, macOS 10.15 or later, iPadOS13.4 or later, IOS 11 or later, Android 8 or later, ChromeOS.

  • Customization app: Supported by Logi Options+ on Windows and macOS.

Connectivity and Options+

Connectivity wise, Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Keyboard can connect thru Bluetooth or using the included Logi Bolt wireless dongle. The "Logi Bolt" is Logitech's next-gen wireless technology which uses Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology which has improved encryption and RF interference capability. What's good with the Logi Bolt is the secure connection that it provides. Connecting via Bluetooth any connection would require a 6-digit passkey entry. For enterprise applications that restrict Bluetooth connections due to potential interference issues the Logi Bolt provides an ideal use case due to its full encryption and secure connection.

I prefer using the Bluetooth connection because of limited USB-A ports on my laptop. Using the Easy-Switch keys it's so convenient to connect to multiple devices. If you prefer using the USB dongle, the Logi Bolt is plug and play and would be automatically detected in a Windows machine and connect lag free to any Logi Bolt compatible keyboard and mouse.

a keyboard keyboard with a keyboard and a keyboard
a keyboard keyboard with a keyboard and a keyboard

Logi Options+

Logi Options + software is Logitech's updated app for Logitech non-G device/peripherals. The POP Keys Keyboard works out of the box without the Logi Options+ but installing the software is a must to use all the available features.

Pressing the emoji button would invoke the emoji window.

Another useful feature is the Smart Actions. This let's a user create macros specific to certain applications, keystrokes, system apps in your computer. You can do a bunch of things with the Smart Actions. There are available templates that are editable to suit and cater to specific setup. I took two templates - "Relax Time" and "Be right back" and edit according to my needs. For the Template "Relax Time" I set the trigger - Press F4 key and open the following applications with delays in between - Edge Browser, Steam App and Logitech G Hub. I set the steam delay to 60 sec since it takes a while to open up. This is kind of useful for me since I don't need to manually open these apps, I just need to press one button and that's it. The Smart Actions do support several windows applications like Zoom. In the template I put Zoom as the application and the trigger is clicking the mouse scroll wheel. The action would mute/unmute the microphone during Zoom calls. I find this a quicker way of muting than using the keyboard mute button.

With Logi Options+ app selected keys can be programmed with a multitude of actions and shortcuts thus providing a great deal of flexibility to the user. Only keys highlighted in the Logi Options+ app can be programmed. This is actually quite useful on different scenarios. Like if you don't use the play/pause/F9 key on your work you can change this by adding an application like Microsoft edge and setting the action as "open new browser tab". With your edge browser as the active window simply pressing the F9 key would instantly open a new browser tab. These are really smart ways of using the keyboard more productive.

Logi Options+ Smart Action Interface

Value and Conclusion

I got the Logitech POP Keys Keyboard at a discounted price of 4,750($85) at my local gadget store. Prices are even cheaper at Amazon ranging from $67 - $78 for the Day Dream variant. The POP Keys that I bought sport Brown Switches which explains the tactile response and clicky sound. Contrary to some reviews on this keyboard which mentions the keyboard having loud clicky sound as a negative and a deal breaker, I found the clicky sound as normal for a brown switch and not too loud to a point of causing any distraction. Compared to my Corsair mechanical gaming keyboard also with a cherry brown switch, I find the Logitech POP Keys Keyboard to have a more sedate sound. It's not supposed to be whisper quiet and the tactile feel is what you would expect for a mechanical brown switch. I find the keyboard fun to use and the typing experience quite good and engaging. You won't get bored with the POP Keys Keyboard. The built-in emoji keys are a lot fun to use and the Logi Options+ adds a ton of functionality. Having the Logitech's newest Logi Bolt dongle provides flexibility and the security that is great for home and office use.

I would not mind using the POP Keys for my work - coding program or writing articles. Would I choose the POP Keys over my Logitech MX Keys Keyboard, probably not as I prefer full size keyboard and the MX Keys is more suited to my line of work. Logitech made five colorful variants of the Logitech POP Keys Keyboard and that's for a good reason. They wanted to market the POP Keys to people who are particular on the looks of their computer setup. A lot of PC users like to color match their setup like purple, red, blue etc., and would color match this with accessories like mouse and keyboard. So, for me the number one reason to buy the POP Keys is aesthetics and the assortment of fun color choices to mix and match your setup. My daughter loves the keyboard and the "Day Dream" variant provides a good color match for her computer setup.