By Ronald Samonte

May 18, 2023

black and white laptop computer
black and white laptop computer

Windows 10 - End is Coming

Microsoft had announced a year ago that it would end support of Windows 10 by October 14, 2025. In fact, the current version, 22H2 will be the final version of Windows 10. User still stuck on older versions should try to update to the latest version - 22H2. Below is the list of Windows 10 Releases with the corresponding End Date. User should not expect any features update after Version 22H2 and only security updates would instead be provided.

Users running enterprise version may be the lucky ones. Support for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC would depend on what version it's running. Like for version 2019 it would be extended until January 9, 2029. LTSC means Long Term Servicing Channel. Devices that use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC usually don't require frequent updates. These includes devices such as medical equipment, industrial equipment, kiosk and other embedded systems.

Windows 10 Home and Windows Pro - Upgrade to Windows 11?

Once the End date is reached Microsoft would no longer provide any feature or security update. Thus, users would be forced into certain scenarios:

A. Upgrade your PC or laptop from Windows 10 to Window 11

B. Keep using your PC or laptop If upgrade is not possible due to incompatible HW

C. Buy yourself a brand-new Windows 11 PC.

If you're running old HW like 5-year-old stuff then it may be a good idea to use first Microsoft PC Health Check app to check the compatibility. Intel 8th Gen and AMD 2nd Gen Zen meet the processor requirements along with the following minimum system requirements: 4GB memory, 64GB storage, UEFI secure boot and TPM 2.0. Just recently Microsoft included some Intel 7th Gen on their Windows 11 supported Intel processor list. I was surprised to see Celeron 4000 series processors making the list. My old i5-4690K is running great and still able to play games at 2K resolution at mid frame rates but sadly is not compatible.

I've seen videos on YouTube of people bypassing this requirement and still be able to install Window 11 on their machines. For me this may not be worth it as I don't want to compromise on security. I don't think Microsoft would allow any security updates on Windows 11 Hack PC's. For the meantime maybe it it's feasible to continue to use your Windows 11 incompatible PC even after the end date. Still have 2 years and 5 months to think if upgrading our desktop PC's or buying a new laptop is worth it.

Personally, I would hold out and wait for Windows 12. Rumors has it that Microsoft may release Windows 12 by 2024. The Win 12 upgrade path is more appealing as it would ensure the PC hardware would be more future proof (compared to current Windows 11 HW). Anyways we still have a long time to think of our options and decide what makes sense.