Pulsar Xlite V2 Wireless Mouse

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  • L - 12.26cm, W - 6.617cm, H - 4.2cm

  • Extra-lightweight @ 59g

  • PAW3370 Optical Sensor

  • 50 - 20000 DPI

  • 1000Hz/1ms Polling Rate

  • 50g Acceleration

  • Kaih GM 8.0 Switch

  • 400 IPS

  • Superflex Paracord Cable

  • 5 button configuration

I saw a mouse from our local gadget store and was kind of intrigue, so I decided to buy it and try the mouse. The mouse is designed in Korea by a company called Pulsar. I got their Xlite V2 white gaming mouse. My first impression of the mouse was that it's incredibly lightweight. I bought the mouse without checking user reviews and so was kind of surprise to see the bottom side of the mouse to be an open design. This is the first time I saw a mouse with this type of design. I don't think they did that to save some weight but maybe for aesthetic purposes to make the look and feel more original.



✅ Long battery life ~ 70hrs

✅Lag free wireless connection

✅ Accurate and consistent optical sensor

✅ Braided USB cable


⛔ Open bottom design is a dust magnet

⛔ Side button feels and sounds dull

Box and Packaging

Pulsar offers 2 sizes for the Xlite V2, mini and medium. I'm not sure what size to pick so I just went with the medium. As it turned out the medium size Xlite V2 seems to be the right size. The included USB cable is braided, light and tangle free which Pulsar calls Superflex Paracord cable.

What's inside the box - USB cable, adaptor, receiver, manual, sticker and Xlite V2 Mouse. Note the bottom of the mouse has an open design.

Build Quality

Pulsar made some improvements from Xlite V1 to V2. The upgrades include:

  1. Side holes are now covered to provide a better grip while playing.

  2. The position of the scroll wheel has been raised by 1 mm.

  3. Lowered scroll wheel clicks pressure

  4. Improved battery placement

The lightness of the mouse makes it easy to move and lift. This is a 5 button mice. Buttons are responsive with no wobble or rattle. Only thing that I would think may need improvement are the side buttons. It feels flimsy and make a hollow sound when pressed. This is not at all bad since function wise the side buttons are all good when playing. The scroll wheel has a rubberized texture and a notched feel that allows for a more precise scrolling.

One thing that impressed me during my usage of this mice is how easy it glides with or without a mouse pad. The mouse feet is using standard PTFE material at 0.6mm thickness. Even with Pulsar standard PTFE skates the movement is really smooth. This can be upgraded with Pulsar Super Glide branded skates which should further improved gaming performance.

Pulsar's Xlite V2 mouse has a sleek and ergonomic shape that fits well in my hand. The shape of the mouse makes it solely for right-handed users. The material is mostly durable plastic with a matte finish that minimize fingerprints smudges. The mouse is well balanced in terms of weight distribution. Pulsar battery placement at the backend has the effect of distributing the weight evenly providing better stability.

Image from Pulsar. Xlite V2 customization of superglide.

Connectivity and Performance

Connectivity wise you have the option of using the Xlite V2 wired or wireless. The included type-C USB cable which Pulsar calls Superflex Paracord Cable allows the mouse to be use wired even while charging. The included USB dongle enables the 2.4Ghz wireless connection that is lag free.

The Xlite V2 is using an optical sensor from PixArt- PAW3370. This sensor is a flagship sensor and is mostly used for high-end wireless mouse. This sensor has a wide DPI range 5- 20,000. Personally, I won't go past the 3,500 DPI range. Aside from DPI many gamers consider Lift of Disrtance (LOD) as critical when gaming particularly on FPS games. The lower the LOD the better since there would be instances where you'll accidentally lift the mouse and that might cause a mis-trigger. LOD for the Xlite V2 can be set to as low as 2 mm - 1 mm.

I tried to test the DPI accuracy of the mouse using DPI Analyzer. Testing on both X and Y axis, the results show a low deviation of < 0.5% which means the mouse DPI is accurate and precise.


The mouse works out of the box wired or wirelessly. But to take advantage of the advanced features and functionality you'll need to use Pulsar software - Pulsar Fusion. I installed the Pulsar Fusion, and my first impression was how simple the GUI is. I liked how simple it is to change profile or change the mouse button setting. What annoys me is that the Pulsar Fusion Interface does not utilize the full screen. The actual interface is the size of a post card or roughly 4 x 5 1/2 in. Fonts are quite small but readable. I would hope that Pulsar can add an option to adjust the interface size.

The main window of the Pulsar Fusion would show the Pulsar connected devices. In my case I only have one connected device and that is the Xlite V2 mouse. Now once you click the mouse icon, additional window tabs would be visible.

All the 5 buttons including the scroll wheel is programmable and can be assigned with different actions. There are a number of choices and should suffice for a gaming-oriented setting and some work setting as well. One nice option is to set a key combination. This could be quite useful on FPS games.

DPI is programmable and is in sync with the RGB light. RGB on the Xlite V2 is minimal just 1 LED at the bottom and so the resulting light effect is barely noticeable. The RGB can be changed to any custom color but has limited lighting effects with just 3 options - off, steady and breathing. I would have preferred a tad more RGB light and effects that would have made it more aesthetically pleasing during game play. Polling rate is adjustable, the best setting is at 1000Khz. Setting below 500Khz may result to non-precise mouse movements.

Macros can be created just like any high end gaming mouse. I don't use Macros a lot, so I have not tested this feature.

Value and Conclusion

If you are looking for a wireless mouse that has a unique design with flagship specs and high-performance look no further. The Pulsar Xlite V2 is a mouse designed for gamers. Its comfortable to use for long sessions, thanks to it being extra lightweight. It's a mouse that let's gamers takes advantage of the mouse useful features without getting distracted on RGB lighting effects. The mouse open/honey-comb design may not be for everyone, but its design differentiates it from the rest of the normal looking gaming mouse. Got the mouse at a discounted price of ₱3,550($64) and I'm quite satisfied with my purchase.