By Ronald Samonte

May 13, 2023

HTC is back - HTC U23 Pro 5G

For many Android fans HTC is one of the most iconic smartphone brand. After all the company manufactured the 1st generation of Android phones and one-time becoming a powerhouse in the mobile market. Who would forget HTC and Samsung great rivalry. Samsung's Galaxy flagship devices always gets compared with HTC's best smartphones. HTC may have lost some of its luster and glory days, but they are not out of the mobile market yet.

Rumor mill has it that HTC is releasing a new device HTC U23 Pro 5G. Seems that HTC new phone got leaked from Taiwan PTT a Reddit like forum with various images and some specification of the upcoming phone.

Based on the leak specifications the HTC U23 Pro 5G is a mid-range device running on Snapdragon 7 Gen1 Chip, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. The main camera is said to be 108MP with optical image stabilization for a total of 4 camera at the back. Battery is at 4600mAH supporting wireless charging capability. Finger-print scanner is mounted on the side. The display is mentioned as AMOLED but no screen size was given.

The design and specs could still change since the leak seems based on engineering sample. Maybe HTC should consider putting the upgraded Snapdragon 7 Gen2 for the improved camera performance. There is no mention yet of this phone at HTC's website. HTC could be testing the water on the now crowded and hotly contested mobile devices market. The design and specs of the device seems decent but would like to know what differentiates HTC U23 from the other mid-range Phones currently selling in the market. Hopefully if release HTC would offer competitive pricing for this phone.

Images courtesy of PTT

Images courtesy of PTT