Crane Digital Humidifier

a Digital Humidifier
a Digital Humidifier

I was in the market looking for a humidifier to replace my old Ogawa BioMizzle Humidifier which broke after 6 years. Went to the mall to check for available units and compare prices. As expected, online price is at least 10% lower with some shops offering additional discounts. My first choice was the Vicks Cool Mist Personal Humidifier. Vicks is a known brand but most of the online shops offer US compatible only(110V) which requires an external transformer to convert 220V to 110V. There are more expensive UK variants though which are 220V compatible.

There are a bunch of well-known brands aside from Vicks that I was also considering. Crane another US brand offers a line-up of humidifier models with nice features and reasonable price points. Initially I was looking for a small room type unit with simple features. But then while browsing thru Crane's products I was convinced that considering humidifiers with more advanced features was the way to go. As I was looking for a humidifier that is suitable for my daughter's asthma condition the more expensive humidifiers seems to have special features that could be beneficial on relieving not only asthma but also cough and cold.

🟠Humidifier Types - There are different types of humidifiers in the market mainly categorized as either cool mist or warm mist. Then this is further sub categorized on how water is turned into fine mist. Such types are ultrasonic, impeller and evaporative. Most of the modern household type humidifiers now a days are of the ultrasonic type which are simple to use and are quieter in operation when compared to other types of cool mist humidifiers.

🟠 Tank Capacity - Room type humidifiers are smaller with tank capacities of 0.5gal or lower which should last 4 hours on a continuous usage. Humidifiers with tank capacity over a gallon are available which should cover 24 hours of continuous use. If you use your humidifier overnight like I do a larger water tank capacity would be a better choice.

🟠 Cool Mist or Warm Mist - Depending on your needs you may opt for either a cool mist or warm mist type. People who are prone to colds and coughs are better off getting a warm mist humidifier. This type of humidifier heats the water until it turns into steam and released into the air. If you're unsure which one to choose there are models that offer a dual type - Cool and Warm Mist. Albeit this are generally more expensive that your regular cool mist humidifier.

🟠 Auto-off feature - This is a safety feature that shuts-off the device when the water is already depleted. Most modern ultrasonic humidifiers have this functionality.

Humidifier Types : Evaporative, Impeller and Ultrasonic. Image courtesy of Crane US

Before making the purchase, I did my research since my knowledge of humidifiers is not that much. So, I listed down below some of the things I need to consider in choosing the right humidifier.

🟠 Advance Features - More expensive humidifiers can have more features than what you see on the basic humidifier. Features such timers, digital display and air purification could be a useful depending on your needs or wants.

Considering all the features that I needed, I went for the Crane Digital Humidifier with dual warm and cool mist capability plus a host of useful features.


βœ… Build looks solid and feels premium

βœ… Dual cool and warm mist

βœ… Large Digital Display

βœ… Built in Humidistat

βœ… Ergonomic design. Removable tank has a built -in handle.


β›” Top cover and front frame has a rubberized texture that should aid in a better grip but is a fingerprint and dust magnet.

Whats in the box and build quality

The box of the Crane Humidifier arrived in a not so fresh condition. As you can see from the pictures it's a bit deformed most likely during shipping/handling. The contents of the box are all fine with no damage. What's inside the box? Not so much just the Humidifier plus an IR remote control (batteries not included) and the usual documentation. The battery for the remote is a CR2025.

Setting-up the Crane Digital Humidifier took me just a few minutes. Crane recommends placing the humidifier on solid and waterproof elevated surface. Placing the humidifier on a wooden surface or on a carpet is not recommended. To refill water, remove the top cover and lift the plastic tank using the foldable handle. Flip the tank and unscrew the bottom water cap. It's also recommended to use distilled water though tap water can also be used. Note that if your tap water is hard water, it might cause mineral deposit to form (white dust) which could mix with the mist and is not good for air quality.

I like the design of the Crane Digital Humidifier, it's simple and yet elegant. No complaints on build quality, the material used are solid and no flimsy plastic parts. Although the choice of the rubberized texture on the top cover and front has some pros and cons. It does provide the user with a better grip if you plan to move the humidifier to another location. The downside is it's not easy to wipe clean and may need to put some effort into cleaning these parts.

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  • Dimension: 22cm x 25cm x 33cm

  • Weight: 2.603kg

  • Rating Voltage: 220-240V

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz

  • Power Cool Mist: 30W

  • Power Warm Mist: 110W

  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.3 Gallon

  • Run Time Per Tank: Up to 24 Hours

  • Humidifying Capacity: Up to 500 sq ft./46 m2

Features and Functions:

The Crane Digital Humidifier is a big upgrade when compared to my old humidifier. I certainly appreciate the ergonomic design which makes refilling water a less messy affair. There are available models that are top filled which should make refilling a breeze. Since the removable plastic tank easily separates from the main unit cleaning is an easy task. Just follow the recommended way of cleaning. Don't use any harmful chemicals, just clean water and white vinegar should do the work.

I appreciate the built-in Humidistat which constantly monitors the room's humidity. You can set the humidity range where your humidifier would operate. The recommended humidity range is from 40 to 55. Using the Humidifier when the Humidity is above 65 is not recommended as this might allow mold growth in the room. The Crane Digital Humidifier has 3 levels of mist control - MIN, MID and MAX. I felt that adding 1 more level below MIN could be useful. For my usage I normally set to MIN only as this setting would release a sufficient amount of cool or warm mist.

For me the top feature of the Crane Digital Humidifier is the Dual cool and Warm mist function. The ability to switch between cool and warm mist is the best feature. Warm mist helps to alleviate congestion and discomfort during the rainy/cooler months while the cool mist is refreshing during summer season.

What differentiates the Crane Digital Humidifier is the presence of a 12 cm digital display. Information related to temperature, humidity, time and mist levels are conveniently displayed on the blue backlit display. There are 6 capacitive buttons place on the sides of the digital display where you can power the unit and access the functions of the humidifier. During my use I notice that the buttons are quite sensitive. Hovering your fingertips a few millimeters above the buttons could trigger it. There is a button for the timer function and is programmable for 1 to 12 hours of operation. The timer is a useful feature, and I use it to set the humidifier to operate at 3-4 hours during the day and 4 hours in the evening. The power button is for turning on/off the humidifier. When power button is pressed to off, a red OFF icon is displayed plus the level of temperature and humidity. It does not turn off the digital display. To safely power-down the unit I don't plug direct at the outlet but used an OMNI WUS-102 Universal Adapter w/ Switch.

There is a button for the ion function. This enables the ionizer and has the benefit of cleaning and refreshing the indoor air. The Max-Min button is for controlling the humidifier mist level. The level of mist depends on the size of the room and the humidity. You can manually set this and can choose from 3 mist levels. For humidifying a bigger room, you can set to Mid or Max level otherwise Min should be good enough.

Digital Display - Power Off Indicator

Universal adapter w/ switch

Value and Conclusion

I got my Crane Digital Humidifier at a discounted price of β‚±5200($90). For the tons of useful features of the humidifier this is certainly a bang for the back. The Crane Digital Humidifier offers an impressive array of features. The dual mist options, ionizer technology digital display and the other advanced functions should have a positive impact on our need of improved indoor air quality. While regular maintenance is necessary the ergonomic design and ease of disassembly makes cleaning an easy task.

Whether you're seeking relief from dry skin, congestion, or simply looking to create a more comfortable and pleasant indoor environment, the Crane Digital Humidifier presents itself as a reliable option that combines functionality with modern design. With its thoughtful features and advanced capabilities, it's a solid investment in your overall well-being and home comfort.