AKKO 5075B Plus Review

I got my hands on the AKKO 5075B PLUS RGB TKL keyboard. The keyboard is sold w/ a variety of color configurations. What I have is the Blue on White 5075B Plus model. This would be my first time using a keyboard from AKKO. I must admit I'm impressed and did not expect all the goodies that comes free with the keyboard.


  • Akko Haze Pink Silent/CS Crystal/CS Wine White Switches

  • Interface

  • Akko Macro V1.0

  • N-Key Rollover Support

  • Disable Winlock Support

  • RGB Backlit

  • 3000mah Battery capacity

  • USB Type-C/2.4G/Bluetooth wireless


Tons of RGB customization

✅ Cushioned typing experience

✅ Solid build quality

✅ 3 levels of incline position

✅ Inclusion of extra key caps and switches


⛔ Battery life could be better

Packaging and Build Quality

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Click on the images to zoom

The AKKO 5075 has a nice-looking box with the image of the keyboard embossed. Removing the outer box sleeve there is a black box with the keyboard and accessories. I appreciate that AKKO included some novelty key caps and extra CS crystal switches plus all the tools needed to remove and replace them. Also included is the USB receiver for the 2.4Ghz wireless connection and type C to USB- A for wired connection and charging.

The 5075B is solidly built but is not that heavy, weighing at 880g. The base material is made from high quality ABS plastic and according to the AKKO website the key cap material is known as PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate). Doing some further reading about key caps materials, it does appear that PBT is the best material due to it being more robust and durable. Key caps of mechanical keyboard should be durable as we tend to hit the keys with more force compared to a membrane keyboard plus the switch themselves exert some force.

Typing on the 5075B is comfortable with just the right amount of clicking sound. My MX brown keys equipped gaming keyboard uses the MX brown switch having an actuation force of 55gf compared to 43gf CS Crystal Switch for the 5075B. The CS Crystal Switch has a lighter actuation force and comparable to Cherry MX Red Switch. After typing on the AKKO 5075B I can say that the build quality and comfort is superior due to the gasket mount design. AKKO use a gasket material such as silicone or neoprene sandwich between the plate and the PCB which AKKO calls as floating mount.

The incline is adjustable with the built in angle adjustment feet. On my usage of the AKKO 5075B, typing on the flat position is equally comfortable compared to when typing on an incline. I guess this is more to user preference on what feels more ergonomically ok. My table has a keyboard tray so typing in flat position is not really a big issue. However, positioning my keyboard on the table would require me to be much closer to the table with the keyboard in the incline position. I would also probably need a wrist rest for comfort and ergonomics.

Talking about RGB, the different light effects on the AKKO 5075B looks awesome. There are a bunch of pre-programmed RGB lighting effects that can be set on the fly by using keyboard commands or short cuts. For me this is convenient and practical as I find most RGB keyboard software to by clunky and difficult to use. I have not tried the AKKO RGB software, it's available for download at AKKO website - AKKO Cloud.

Image courtesy of AKKO

CS Crystal Switch on the AKKO 5075B Plus

Looking at the bottom side of the keyboard, there is a 3-way switch position for MAC, USB and Windows. If a wired connection is preferred, just hook up using the included type-C to USB-A cable and set the switch to USB. Connecting the USB cable when in MAC or Windows mode should also start to charge the keyboard battery.

The side of the keyboard has a transparent strip that is meant for RGB lighting that works in sync with the RGB on the keyboard keys.


One of the key features of the AKKO 5075B Plus Keyboard is its versatile connectivity from Beken Plus chip for its tri-modes solution - 2.4Ghz wireless, Bluetooth and type-C. Using Bluetooth connectivity, it's possible to connect to 3 different devices (one at a time). I tried this with both my laptop and my iPhone. Switching between devices is seamless by using key commands such as Fn+E/Fn+R/Fn+T and can be used to toggle from connected device to the next. The 2.4Ghz wireless needs the USB dongle and the keyboard shortcut is Fn+Y to connect.

Image courtesy of AKKO

When connected in USB mode, the keyboard can be used on the wired connection but it's strange that charging is not allowed on this mode. When connected in Bluetooth with the USB cable attached the battery would charge.

Battery Life

The weak point of the AKKO 5075B Plus is the battery. I normally used my keyboards with backlight or RGB turned on 100% of the time. In the case of the 5075B with RGB turned on battery life would last me 2 to 3 days only. AKKO does mention on their FAQ that the battery may last 6-7 days but with only 2 hours of RGB use. This is not a dealbreaker for me as I can always charge while still connected wirelessly. I guess AKKO can upgrade the battery or add fast charging but then again that would increase the price considerably.

Value and Conclusion

The AKKO 5075B Plus is a high-quality mechanical keyboard that offers a great typing experience at an affordable price. Got this for ₱5,495($97). It features AKKO CS switches that are comparable to Cherry MX switches in terms of robustness and tactile responsiveness. The build quality of the keyboard is excellent with a sturdy frame and the PBT double shot ASA profile keycaps that won't wear down over time. The layout of the 5075B Plus is well thought-out with a function row that can be used to control media and other functions. Over-all the AKKO 5075B Plus is a great keyboard for anyone who wants a high quality mechanical keyboard that looks great and performs well.